Architectural Cladding

Marley Eternit are committed to sustainable manufacturing and are an environmental leader within the industry building a reputation for quality of product. For a contemporary, durable and aesthetic architectual facade panel Marley Eternit offer great choice for versatility, sustainability and performance.

Architectural fibre cement facade materials include natura, tectiva, pictura and textura offering a wide range of rainscreen cladding.

Through coloured fibre cement material offering excellent aesthetics created from the visual impact of the fibre
cement fibres which show through.

Characterised by fine sanded lines and naturally occurring hues, this through coloured material offers a distinct
surface appearance.

Coated with an additional surface treatment, fibre cement Equitone [pictura] provides a hard, smooth, silky matt surface.

With a highly glazed, granular finish, fibre cement Equitone [textura] combines vivid colour, texture and toughness to
create distinct and unique designs.

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