Architectural Cladding: Rockpanel

For a colourfast statement for your design vision, ROCKPANEL Rockclad is the perfect choice. The range offers a wide variety of over 100 standard colours and we can even create a colour to fit your design vision exactly.

ROCKPANEL Rockclad is a highly durable board material which has been specially developed for use in facade cladding, roofline applications and for building detailing.

The board material is made from high quality rock fibre compressed with a small quantity of organic
binding agent. This produces a very lightweight panel, which can be very easily worked and handled.
The product is dimensionally very stable and therefore does not change with fluctuations in humidity
or temperature. The boards are completely water repellent.

Total board including it’s coating is vapour permeable giving an extra safetly margin.
Used for fascia and soffits.

Competitively priced, easy to fix, minimal waste.

Dimensionally stable, open joints not necessary and can be used in conjunction with standard boards.

Resistant to the elements
Ventilated constructions offer optimum protection against sun, rain and moisture. The load-bearing
structure of a building with an exterior insulation layer can be protected from weather influences
by Rockpanel boards. A ventilated cavity between the cladding and the Rockwool insulation prevents
rainwater from penetrating and diffuses water vapour from the inside to the outside.

Optimum thermal efficiency
The breathing system offered by Rockpanel boards ensures perfect building physics and contributes to
a comfortable indoor climate. The balance between Rockwool insulation and ventilation ensures that
heat remains inside the building during winter and prevents overheating during summer.

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