Manthorpe Loft Hatches

Whether for general access to loft storage or as a maintenance hatch for roof space services, the need for access through ceilings is a requirement for most buildings. However care must be taken that these apertures do not compromise the integrity of the building envelope, which can lead to significant heat loss.

The loft access doors from Manthorpe are designed to offer quick and easy entry into the roof space whilst providing an insulated barrier and draft proofing around the structural opening in the ceiling.

The GL250/03L(EPS) Drop Down Loft Access Door provides an unobtrusive and cost effective alternative to
traditional loft space access.

The door has a twist action, three point closing mechanism along with a unique hinge system, allowing
the door to be hinged down or be removed from the frame completely for unobstructed access into the roof space.

Draught seals are located to seal between both the frame and the ceiling and the door and the frame.
These prevent the problem of moist warm air entering the roof space and meet the requirements of the
building regulations.

The product Is supplied with 110mm of EPS insulation to provide a u value of 0.35W/m2K as outlined in
the robust construct details.

The door and frame is stylish yet unobtrusive which has been designed to fit in with almost all house
decor styles. With a lightly texture white finish the door can be easily cleaned with a solvent free
damp cloth, or alternatively the GL250/03 can be painted to match the décor.

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